Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craft Projects

Hi everyone,

Sorry we are taking so long between posts! After about four years of being a stay at home mom I got a job! Yikes! It is part time at my sons school and I am really enjoying it. But, I still haven't found my groove in getting housework done, taking my son to his tae kwon do classes, plus catechism, and still have crafting time. It is tough, but I will find my groove and life will settle into place again.

But I had to show you what my mind has been thinking of.  The other day I went to throw this away...
Then I thought "hey that could be used as a vase, its water proof. Hum, I could also cut out patterns on the sides and it could hold a candle." This empty container has been sitting on my counter waiting to be transformed for a week now. Does this happen to you? I know I cant be the only crazy person out there.

So I have to show you what else I have been hoarding, just waiting for me to sit down and create with them.

Hahahahah....I have two jar fulls of plastic lids. These are from sodas, orange juice containers, milk containers. Then I have about 5 salt containers that I have pealed the wrappers off and are set to be morphed into something beautiful!

Let me tell you why I am collecting plastic lids.  Last year my friends Girl Scout troop was planning on doing Swaps.  Swaps are small items you make from any craft material (example: smore's, camp fire out of twigs, sleeping bag out of felt, flag out of beads) and place a safety pin on it to attach the swap to a hat or lanyard. This troop makes chicken and dumpling soup every year for the camp out and I thought these plastic lids would be perfect little pots! Fill them with Fimo clay shaped into biscuits and chicken legs, then filled with a clear glaze. Can you see it!?!  A cooking pot made out of plastic lids!

Then of course there is the bottle caps that I have been collecting! Remember, any restaurant or taco shop that pops the lids off sodas will have a stash of lids, all you have to do is ask the cashier for the lids.

Recycle, re-use, up cycle, be creative!


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