Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry fellow bloggers and crafters

Oh were oh were has the crafting time gone, were oh were have you been....

Sorry fellow bloggers, my life had gotten so busy it left little time for blogging. I chaired my sons class Fiesta for the whole school! Then my job started to take over my free time and trying to keep my son busy over summer, whew! Too much going on for this lady to keep everything in balance. Did I mention my in-laws also have been staying with us for a couple of months...

Currently I am planning "Science Day" for my son and a few (23) of his closest friends. Blowing up Diet Coke with Mentos, shooting rockets into the air, and of course making slim! This year we are adding an egg challenge. Each child makes a contraption to keep an egg safe when dropped from a high place.  It will be a fun filled day and the kids are already chatting about it.

My promise to you bloggers is to post weekly with lots of photos. We are thinking of doing a swap, so stay tuned!

Happy Crafting,