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Martha Stewart "Circle Cutter"

We wanted to share with you some glitter we recommend you try if you haven't already. Martha Stewart has a fine glitter that we really love.  Her line also offers a coarse glitter but we really like the fine glitter for our projects.
I know some people just hate glitter, Ellen DeGeneres, but I don't want to mention names. The sparkle glitter adds to projects is fun and beautiful.  Yes it can get everywhere and my son will go to school with glitter at times, but it is okay.
This glitter is fine and is best used for hand letteringg or intricate and delicate projects. It is also great to cover chip board letters. The color shown here is Brownstone.
Now if you are like Samantha and I you must be thrifty about what you buy.  Michaels offers 40% coupons, check your local paper for those coupons.  I feel many of Martha's items are overpriced so don't pay full price wait for the coupons offered by Michaels.
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Some of you may know about this little trick but if you don't it is very cool.  The old fashioned label makers of about 10 years ago, maybe longer, can emboss paper as well as those plastic sticker rolls they normally emboss.
Cut paper strips the width of the machine, you can measure by the plastic strips you pull out.  Then punch your words just like you would on the plastic strips.
Then you can distress them to have the words stand out more.
Trim the edges and glue onto your projects.  You can pick up these label makers for a dollar at garage sales or thrift stores.  You may have to search for one but they are out there!
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One of my favorite tools is a corner punch.  These are inexpensive and add a polished look to your picture or paper.  Many of us rip or use specialty scissors to trim our papers but for a cleaner look try a corner punch. There are many brands available find one within your budget, they all work the same.
If you have a tool you want to know more about before you buy it email us and we will give you an honest review. 
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100_0589   100_0591

Don’t get stuck with an ordinary glue stick that hardens quickly when you forget to put the cap back on! The Coccoina Almond Scented Glue Stick is non-toxic, non-solvent, acid free and stays softer much longer the normal glue stick! Best of all it smells like an almond-based confection popular in Italy for making sweets.
 I personally like the glue tube which has a sponge tip for an easy and no mess application. This is excellent glue and has quickly become my favorite.

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My super crafty aunt Pam introduced me to the Scotch ATG 700 glue/tape dispenser about a year ago. At the time I was using the little red tape dispensers you buy at the scrapbook/discount store but I would go through them so fast and at $4-$5 each I was spending a pretty penny on them. I walked over to her house one night (she lives 2 doors down) and saw her with this amazing super size glue/ tape gun using it with such ease and quickness. I bought one soon after and I have to admit this is one of the best tools I have purchased. The Scotch ATG 700 is not cheap but it is made of high quality plastic and if the roll malfunctions you can easily open the tool and fix it. The glue gun cost approximately $40 and the glue tape is $4 for a roll and comes in various widths ¼, ½ and ¾” sizes. The tape also comes acid free if you are using it for photos. Super sticky glue tape is not recommended (trust me!). My favorite size of glue tape is ½ inch as I get pretty good coverage with it. I highly recommend this tool if you do a lot of paper crafts especially card making. While the gun is larger than the typical scrapbook glue tape dispenser it is very easy to use and maneuver and you can easily use it to add adhesive to small pieces of paper.

If you are an online shopper Dick Blick has the greatest price. You can also check eBay. Some scrapbook stores carry it.

I made Christmas cards last night and I’ll post pictures of them later today.

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Do any of you Cropadile? I do and I love it! This is my favorite tool in my tool chest because it makes punching and placing eyelets so easy.
For those of you who do not Cropadile; the tool allows you to make 2 sizes of eyelets, one small and one medium size, with a little squeeze. You use the Cropadile to punch the hole using the hole punches on the outside of the tool. You then use the top middle device to set the eyelet. You simply place the eyelet in the hole, place the tool over the eyelet and squeeze the tool.

It’s very easy and quick. This tool replaces pounding on the kitchen table with an eyelet setter and hammer. When I used the hammer method my husband always came running in from the backyard asking what is going on.
Because I’m not an English major I found a YouTube video on how to use it for those who didn’t understand a word I said. The video link is below this post. Don’t worry, it’s not you…it’s mostly me and my loss for words.

The Cropadile cuts through card stock, cardboard and metal with ease. I use it to place eyelets in the coffee can bags I make. They sell it separately or in a kit (pictured above). I love the kit because the tool and eyelets are in one location when I need to use it. This is an excellent Christmas gift for the altered artist. I bought my mom one last year for her birthday and she loves it.

The Crop-A-Dile is made by We R Memory Keepers and they have come out with a Crop-A-Dile II, "The Big Bite".  The Big Bite can set eyelets in the center of your 12x12 paper! Another great tool by We R Memory Keepers.

I hope this was helpful.

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Last week I bought the Martha Stewart "Circle Cutter" for $15.00 dollars at Walmart. I have to say I really like it.
The cutter allows you to cut circles from 1" to 5 1/2", and all the sizes in-between in 1/16" increments. This is a really nice feature.
The cutter also is easy to hold and cuts clockwise and counter clockwise, great for lefty's as well as righty's.
The only problem arises when you have to cut circles from small papers. If your like me you don't always have removable adhesive on hand to hold the small papers to your cutting mat. This can be a problem if you are using scraps of paper, but this would be with any cutter.
My only other complaint is the durability of the clear plastic. The one I purchased is showing signs of small cracks, right out of the box.I don't know if this is from shipping or if something weighty was placed on top of it. It could be nothing, but only time will tell.
I really like how this cutter is like a ruler and is very easy to use.  I would definitely recommend buying this cutter. The price makes it affordable.
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