No Sew Projects

"Super Hero Capes"
These “Super Hero Capes” are very simple to make with your children and do not require a sewing machine.  Also you can have a Super Hero Party and the materials are very inexpensive and the kids have a blast putting them together then running around wearing them.

Credit for these capes goes to my good friend Stephanie Arbuckle of "Stephanies Hat Box". She makes hats, but came up with these cool Super Hero Capes.

Supplies: Old t-shirts, Scissors, fabric glue and misc decorations for the capes. I like to have iron on letters, ribbons, buttons, fabric paints or pens, scrap fabric and or felt to cut out designs on hand and ready for the little ones.

Gather some old t-shirts with a crew neck. The neck is important, v-neck shirts will not work. The children will put the capes on by putting their heads through the crew neck just like putting on a t-shirt.

Lay the shirt flat, front side up. Cut under the ribbing or crew neck, cutting from shoulder to shoulder.

Turn shirt over and lay flat. Now starting at the bottom left corner cut up at an angle towards the cut crew neck at the top. Repeat on the right side.
Here is how your cape should look, a triangle, with the largest part at the bottom. The neck is still connected.
Now you are ready to decorate with your little super hero! I used a stamp for the star, along with puffy paint and ironed on letters.   This shirt will need to dry since I used puffy paint.  If you use fabric pens, there is no waiting.
Here are photos of some kids having fun in their creations:
**Side note if you want the neck to break away in case it gets caught, you can cut it and use Velcro to attach the cape. This will allow the neck to un-snap if it gets caught.**

"No-Sew Apron"

Again this project is very simple and requires minimal supplies.  An old t-shirt and a pair of scissors is all you need, any embelishment is extra.

First you are going to lay your t-shirt face up, you want to keep the neck intacked, so cut around the back of the neck and down to the bottom of the arm holes. Do not cut the front of the neck.
Apron1 Apron2
Repeat on other side and your apron should look like this. Neck cut around the back  and down both sides of the front of the shirt to the bottom of the arm holes.
Now you are ready to flip the neck up and away from the arms. Leave the arm holes flat on the table and cut the back side of the shirt from arm hole to arm hole.

Take the arm hole part of the t-shirt and throw it away. You are now going to take your t-shirt and flip it over face down. The front of the t-shirt is now lying flat on the table top.

You are going to cut up each side of the t-shirt, leaving 1-2" at the top. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY UP, YOU MUST STOP 1-2" FROM THE TOP.
Now cut across the back from side to side, . You will be left with a band across the back of the shirt. So if you left a 1-2" peice from the top you will cut straight across meeting the other side.

In this photo I show you the band that is left behind after cutting. This is the back side of the apron. Now you can cut the band in half, these become your ties.
Here is the final apron. You are using the front of the t-shirt, it goes over the childs head and the band you cut above gets tied behind the back just like a regular apron!

 What I love about this project is that it is inexpensive and easy to wash plus you are recycling!!!!!  Any t-shirt will work and any color. How many of us have t-shirts that are stained, shrunk or faded that could be used for this project? I know I do.

Hope you enjoyed our No-Sew project,