Thursday, September 15, 2011

Candy Bouquets

Halloween is around the corner and I have been putting together these adorable candy bouquets.  They will be sent to a local store for selling during Haloween, and a few for friends.
To start, put sand or plaster of paris in the bottom. The candy bouquet can be top heavy and you need weight in the bottom to keep it balanced.

Next put in Styrofoam and wedge it in there good and tight. You may need a couple of pieces to wedge in the container.

Next glue candy onto wooden skewers. Glue curling ribbon onto the backs and bottoms of the candy skewers. Start arranging the candy like flowers! The goal is to cover the skewers so they cannot be seen.

In this bouquet I used the Cricket die cutting machine to make a Frankenstein paper doll and sign.  When picking candy keep in mind how you will glue it onto the skewers. Boxed candy, lollipops and individually wrapped candy work best.

Stay tuned for more Halloween ideas!


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