Monday, January 3, 2011

Plastic Cup Airplanes

You are not going to believe what we found on vacation. A recycled airplane made out of plastic cups, a bottle cap, dowel, paper tail, string and a pin.

I know it sounds like a lot of things, but these inexpensive toys were selling like hotcakes! My son couldn't wait to get his hands on one. Here is a picture of the plane I paid $2.00 dollars for, this would sell at craft fairs like crazy.

Bonus, it makes so much noise the boys were running all around with these. Here is the video.

I will attempt to explain how it is put together. The dowel runs through the cup with a bottle cap on one end and the paper tail on the other.

A pin is glued on the cup, pointing out towards the bottle cap. (This is what makes the noise the cup vibrates and increases the sound)
You can see the cup has been melted and the pin inserted. I would just poke it through the bottom of the cup and then put some glue to hold in in place. Now I know this isn't the safest toy, but an alternative would be a paperclip.

The cups have holes put in to add string. The cups are glued together.

Spongy material has been added to give the appearance of wings. You could use anything that is lightweight, even allow the kids to cut up old sponges or Styrofoam.

Finally you use a small dowel as the handle. Tie the string onto the dowel and you are all set to fly! 
Great party favor for a boys party and inexpensive. The boys could use markers to draw on their cups.

Back from vacation and starting on some new projects using the Cricut die cutting machine. Stay Tuned.


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  1. brilliant! I have a question for you, I am pretty you are the one I have seen recycle pickle jars and such into cute candy jars. The question I have is how do you get the pickle smell out? I have a couple I have saved but don't want pickle flavored candy. I hope it really was you gals I am remembering and this isn't completely random! Thanks!